The Concept

First of all, we'd like to state clearly that there is nothing inherently wrong with the current system of selling yearlings at auction just before they are put into training. However, we’ve decided to pursue a different type of concept with my horses. The traditional system raises questions for every buyer:

  • “Are these culls?”
  • “Are they being protected by the seller on price?”
  • “Is there something wrong that I don’t know about?”
The current system also presents other challenges such as the issue of not buying as many horses as you want and not getting the type of pedigree and individual horses you want because the prices were too high at the auctions.

The concept here at Best Bet Stables is as follows: Late int he foaling year, our horses will be put up on the site and will be for sale as soon as they are listed. Once a month, the prices will be adjusted either up or down depending upon the way the individuals look, the market, and whether the family is hot or not. We DON'T cull any of these based on the way they look. Everybody that knows us knows that I race a fair amount of horses, and that the majority are fillies and mares, and that we breed many as well. The horses that will be listed for sale are based simply on our future plans.

Our Unique Policies

If a horse is bought before it is weaned then the following policies apply:

  • No need to insure
  • We guarantee that when you horse is available to be weaned and picked up, it will be alive or we will refund your money.
  • We pay all expenses until your horse is weaned.
  • If at the time of pick-up you do not like how your horse has grown or developed, we will allow you to trade in for another one, if available. You could pay the difference if it’s more expensive or just trade evenly if it’s the same or less expensive
  • If you do not like anything else we have to offer at that time, we will give you a full credit until the following season to be applied at that time. All prices will be listed on the website for all to see.